Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for some time now, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term, ‘hack.’

Now, let’s leave how this word used to be used years ago. Languages evolve, and today it means something quite different:

  • a shortcut,
  • fast-tracking something,
  • getting somewhere quicker than you normally would have, by means of some tool, trick, whatever.

A lot of people ask me for such tricks, tips, and the like. Sure, everyone wants to get ahead and reach their goal by means of least resistance. But, it seems to have gotten a little out of hand in recent times.

Let me set everyone straight ….


Rather than looking for ways to circumvent the process, use that time to develop your skill. Hone your craft. Polish your style. Perfect your work. Better yourself as a writer.

Let your work speak for itself. Do what you have to do to become better at getting your message across. Inspire people. Make your work stand out. Make it establish its own niche. Set it apart from everything else out there. Set yourself apart from everyone else out there.

When you do that, then we’ll sit down and talk.

Kurt Wilkesmann
Literary agent for foreign markets