Who am I?

Hi, I’m Kurt Wilkesmann; literary agent, book editor, translator, proof-reader and avid book reader.

In collaboration with authors, I take their original manuscripts or books, translate or proof-read them, edit them, fine tune, hone and polish them, and take them abroad, throughout the English-speaking world, in the search of a book deal.

It’s all about getting their work onto the desks of book publishers, big and small. It’s about getting them seen. It’s about getting them noticed. It’s about representing them and highlighting their work. It’s about showcasing their talent. It’s about finding a niche. And it’s about putting it all together, packaging it, and selling it. That’s what I do. And, it’s something I love doing.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making it big as an author, maybe it’s time we sat down and talked ….

Kurt Wilkesmann

Email: info@literarni-agent.si
Email: agent@literarni-agent.si

Gsm: +386 (0)41 312 343