You’re probably the same as I am …. I love books. I love reading.

I guess, when you love something in that way, you just can’t get enough. One of my favourite authors, Malcolm Gladwell, in an interview, was asked if he reads any fiction. He said he reads a lot, most of all, detective novels. But then he went on to say something really interesting.

“If the title’s got the word detective or crime in it, I’ve probably read it.”

Such is the level of his love for detective novels.

And, I am sure he’ll tell you something you already know, just like I do. And that is, that among all those books he has read, there have been some great ones, some good ones, and some not so good ones. And that’s OK. What makes a good book to me may not be something you agree with, and vice versa.

My personal collection of books focusses around personal development, psychology and books about business. In it, there are some great ones, some good ones and some bad ones (actually the bad ones I have probably thrown out). Anyway, after some time, you come to see that with a collection the size of mine, at the end of the day, the books on say, personal development, don’t really differ all that much from each other. Yes, there are differences, but not night-and-day differences, if you know what I mean.

And this gets me to my point. Your perspective, as a writer, is your perspective. You see things the way that probably no one else sees them. And that makes for an interesting read. Some of my personal development books, while being very similar, do stand out in some significant way …. and sometimes it is just a chapter, or a page, or a paragraph, or even just a line. And that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. That makes it a worthwhile purchase, a worthwhile read. Some of those paragraphs or even sentences opened my mind and perspective on things in such a profound way that dozens and dozens of books before weren’t able to do.

So, don’t get caught up in the thinking that just because your literary work isn’t revolutionary, by standing out from everything else the world has ever seen, that it won’t make for interesting reading, or be successful.

Quite the contrary. Focus on the nuances.

Kurt Wilkesmann
Literary agent for foreign markets